After the Storm

By: Lynda

Aug 09 2009

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Focal Length:150mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A wild storm came through and lasted about an hour.  We get them here often.   You’ve never experienced a southern storm before?   Then I will try to explain:

~~~A good breeze comes up, I hear the leaves rustling, and it gets cloudy.  Now it is getting dark and I begin to hear rumblings overhead.  I know its time to drop everything because in a very short time the thunderbolts are coming and with them the rain.  There doesn’t seem to be a medium here.  Its either a light drizzle, or it comes down in torrents with wind gusts pushing it sideways.  I watch the trees whipping and branches are torn and crash down to the ground.  It could reduce to a drizzle, or the sun might come out .  When, and if,  the sun comes out, I will go out to finish my work for the day.~~~

On this day I went out to the pasture to check on the chickens (they don’t seem to have sense enough to come out of the rain) and to finish my work.  As I walked under the big oak by the gate I caught a glimpse of this baby robin.  Apparently it had been blown from the oak tree.  But wait, there’s another, there are two!

I quickly went inside and grabbed my camera, but when I returned the other one had gone.   No matter.  I was simply thrilled to see this baby so close!  It was frozen and never moved once, not even a blink, as I took its picture.  I took quite a few actually, and continued to circle in closer, and closer.  I never imagined that it would let me get this close.

The moment was a gift, and I share it with you.


3 comments on “After the Storm”

  1. You should get a little camera that will fit in your pocket or work overalls (when I picture you in your garden, I see you in work overalls) so that you will always be camera-ready when baby robins drop in!

    PS: I will send this to my girlfriend Robin!

  2. Gardening attire:
    Summer – Minimalist attire – My big brimmed straw hat, sleeveless t-shirt, shorts, and wallies. I call them wallies because the English wear Wellies, which are high topped black rubber boots. Too HOT!

    Spring and fall – Henley, jeans, and wallies or wellies depending on if it has rained. If it has rained you can sink up past your ankles in the clay mud!

    Winter – homemade fleece pixi hat with tie under the chin, jacket over henley, flannel lined jeans, Wellies over my smartwool socks.

  3. Mmm, love flannel-lined jeans! Can’t wait to start wearing them again. With this weather, winter looks so faaaar away!

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