If You Build it They Will Come

By: Lynda

Aug 11 2009

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Focal Length:150mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The new fence was installed with explicit instructions to save this last old wooden post.  I had plans for it to hold my new bluebird nesting box.  All the information I read said that it could take till next year for the bluebirds to decide it was an acceptable nesting place.  They watched, they flew by but did not go in.

Finally one day the male flew up and clung to the side peering in.  He did this many times during the week.  The following Sunday, while out working with the chickens, I noticed the male bringing food to the entrance of the house, and the female popped her head out to take it.  Excitedly I looked and listened each day.  Watching closely all their doings.  It seemed like forever, but eventually on a late afternoon I heard the sound of babies inside!  Again I checked every day  hoping to see them fledge, but I had missed it.

Feeling only a little disappointed, after all there is next year, I went to clean out the nesting box.  Spring will come again and I will be watching with camera in hand.


One comment on “If You Build it They Will Come”

  1. I love it! I love the depth of field, and the scraggly vine thingies around the old fence post.

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