By: Lynda

Aug 13 2009

Category: Uncategorized


We set to work early to fortify the chicken run.  We wanted to beat the heat and humidity that has plagued our days of late.   Normally we would have put it off till better weather, but something has been killing my chickens in the night so it couldn’t wait.

This crab spider was easy to spot on the green fence post.  Taking a moment I studied her closely, noticing the opacity of her legs and how she held them out wide in front of her.  Do you see the red stripe going along the sides of her abdomen?  I find her strangely beautiful.

Now whatever your view, creationist or evolutionary, you have to wonder how a white spider fits into life’s scheme. Where does its coloration come to be an advantage, when it is not clinging to a green fence post for me to find at 5:30 in the morning?

UPDATE:  Aha…  the answer to the question is HERE


2 comments on “Diversity”

  1. Ugh! You made me look at spiders!

  2. But she’s such a lovely spider.

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