Sometimes Procrastination Can Pay

By: Lynda

Aug 16 2009

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Focal Length:150mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

In the garden I am always wanting to cut off the spent blooms or, in the case of the sunflower here, to just uproot the whole plant and toss it into the compost pile.

The sunflower grew all summer and eventually it bloomed.  Then, all to soon, the petals fell off and it was over.  Or so I thought.  On Thursday I went out my front door to see this Goldfinch walking the stalk of the spent flower.  Circling the disk he peeked over to look at the underside and the seeds he wanted.  Finally, clinging tightly, he hung himself over the edge to get at the seeds.

So sometimes no matter how badly I think the spent flowers look to me, I must remember how good they look to the hungry birds who visit my garden.

Remembering to wait ensures that I’ll get to enjoy them twice!


3 comments on “Sometimes Procrastination Can Pay”

  1. That is an awesome picture! You should send that in to Birds & Blooms or something!

  2. Thanks! BTW, you’ve seen these sunflowers before. 😉

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