First Kiss

By: Lynda

Aug 19 2009

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Category: photograpy


Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I look out my window and see rain.

Softly, it covers everything in a green shimmer…

overwhelming my vision in its totality.

I could get lost in this sea of green,

where it not for a faint,

first kiss of fall,

on Dogwood.


4 comments on “First Kiss”

  1. Mmm that is so refreshing! The photo is beautiful, and the words enhance it!

    From your e-mail, I knew the title was “First Kiss.” When I opened the page, I scanned the image, trying to see where the kiss was!

    Now I see it… I think!

    • It is very subtle, the Dogwoods are always the first to blush in fall, turning a bronzed yellow and then to red, and I guess it would help to know what a Dogwood looks like. ~grin~

  2. Yes, it WOULD help to know what a Dogwood looks like! I googled and found this picture, which is amazing in its own right:

    …but bears no resemblance to anything in your photo!

    I’m guessing the Dogwood is on the far left?

  3. Yup. You can see the barest of bronzing here. I will have to take another picture so you can see how quickly they’ve changed in less than a month.

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