When the outside comes in…

I woke up this morning and peered bleary eyed out the window. Its raining. I glance down and on the windowsill I see…

Kitty barf.

GREAT! I think.

Heading for the kitchen I grab a wet paper towel and return to the scene of the crime…

But wait, the “kitty barf” has moved?  It is a little frog!

Quickly I take it to the kitchen for rehydration and it jumps onto the faucet.  And there you see her.

Isn’t she cute?

Aww come on now.  You just have to admit, she’s cuter than kitty barf any day!


2 comments on “When the outside comes in…”

  1. Absolutely, I prefer frogs to cat vomit.

    But the cat vomit in our house is usually not in such convenient places.

  2. Ribbit! 🙂

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