Breakfast at the Maple Trunk Cafe

By: Lynda

Dec 28 2009

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Focal Length:150mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

In the morning while eating breakfast I looked out my window to see that a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker was having breakfast too.   Seems such an insensitive name for such a lovely bird.  Don’t you think?

While I have no understanding of the “yellow bellied” part of the name, I do know a bit about the “sapsucker” part.  Seems this bird drills small holes into the chosen food source, and then returns later to retreive the sap and any insects collected therein.  If you look closely you will see some of the little holes he has made in my Maple’s trunk.

Want to know more?  Then go … HERE


4 comments on “Breakfast at the Maple Trunk Cafe”

  1. Love your pictures. It was interesting finding the wren’s song. Twitter is a questionmark in my mind although I’ve tried to sign up. Don’t even use facebook much–just read on it what comes up from other people. I was interested to learn there is a heater in the chickens water fountain. The story of the singing leaf was wonderful. I did surgery on a little sparrow one time. I may write about it sometime. That was a thrill for you I’m sure. If it had been a sap sucker and you held it you might have discovered a yellow belly. This is all mixed up. Ha. Is that what old age does? I love what you write. Try looking up Emily Emerald—-forgot—but my niece has an interesting “old” website. She is a writer, poet, artist, and super interesting person. Hope everything works out for you and her. Margaret

  2. Is that really a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker?! In Idyllwild, we had tons of Acorn Woodpeckers. Seems to me we saw another species too, but I forget. We would hear the echoes of their hammering through the woods where Tim’s mother lived. No woodpeckers down here in the Flatland, though! (Just lots of Phoebes down at the stable!)

    I love bird-watching. Wish I had more time to do more of it.

    • Yup! it is! You do have woodpeckers in flatland! I used to see and hear them in the top of the tree across the street… that is until they cut the dead parts out. I also saw them in the dead branches when I worked at Roosevelt in Pomona.

  3. I guess that’s why I never see no woodpeckers here… no dead trees! There are some at Prado, but maybe the little hawks keep them away.

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