Oh Chickie its Cold Outside

By: Lynda

Jan 02 2010

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Chickens inspect the water font and peck in disbelief…

“Is this a joke?”  the Little Red Hen asked as she pecked an icicle running off the side of the bowl.

“If only it were!” replied Buffy.

“Bok, bok, bok-burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” was all their owner heard as she poured boiling water over the ice and plugged in the font’s heater.


5 comments on “Oh Chickie its Cold Outside”

  1. Ha ha ha, you have a chicken named Buffy! You don’t have to worry about vampires now. Buffy will “stake them” with her talons!

  2. Oh those poor chickies; yes we have had our share of freezing weather this winter too. We did find that a hog pan filled with water set on the earthen barn floor did not freeze; apparently the low profile and the contact with warmer earth was enough. The alpacas and chickens were glad to find thawed water.

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  4. Lynda, is this a new blog? I like it – “Alabama: my point of view” I might steal your idea for MI. 😀 Please tell me about your camera. I am looking for a new one that will take fantastic pics from near and far and yet not be too large and cumbersome.

    • Hey Lindy, Be my guest! My camera is an Olympus F410. I got is for Christmas about 5 yrs ago. It is only 4 megapixels, but hey, it already does more than I can handle at this point so I am happy! It will take me another 5 years to learn all it can do. It came with a 50 and Telephoto/macro lens that I am barely getting the hang of. I know there are more megapixels to be had, but really, do I want to see the pores in your face or just be happy with a great shot??? LOL!

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