Its 20 degrees outside. . .

By: Lynda

Feb 01 2010

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Focal Length:150mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I have to go out to open the Hen House.  In the short trip to get there I grumble because my fingers are freezing and I have forgotten, once again, to put on my gloves.  Well, I tell myself, at least I remembered my camera this time.   I begin to smile, even though the cold has crept into my boots and bites my toes.   Seems we had another visit from the freezing fog this morning and it has left everything bejeweled!

Dead grass, fence posts, and the mud which is frozen in tiny spikes coming up from the ground, all are now covered in diamonds.

I look up into the Dogwood tree.  The limbs sparkle so lovely in this early morning light.  Then I notice the buds are already swelling. . .   it is a visual forshadowing of spring.


2 comments on “Its 20 degrees outside. . .”

  1. LOVE this picture! Buds already?!?! But it’s not even the Super Bowl yet! When we had a dozen rose bushes, back in the day, I would time my annual pruning by the Super Bowl.

    Can’t wait to see the Dogwood bloom!

    • Dogwoods put on their buds in fall but they do not mature right away. Interestingly, the white part of the ‘flower’ is actually bracts that cover the true flowers inside and they are very small and born in groups. It is very similar to the red leaves on the poinsettia which surround its yellow simple flowers in the middle.

      In the picture the buds are the out of focus round globules in the background and they will open up sometime at the end of March first part of April. It is a very slow process and will not be looking glorious until mid April. They are the first thing to bloom in Spring!

      Here is a link to a couple who actually photo-journaled the process over the course of a year.

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