About My Camera’s Eye

History: I got hooked on photography at Cal-State SB.  It was only one class and we all used a manual camera (mine was a Student Nikon) to shoot black and whites.  Some day I might like to get back to using the old Nikon and  black and white photograpy, but for that to happen I will have to set up a dark room.  I got pretty frustrated with trying to tell the photo technicians what my minds eye wanted to see happen on the paper.  It is simply easier and more rewarding to do it yourself.

Photos: You just can’t believe some of the things that I see here.  Alabama is certainly a land of contrasting and time warped images.  It is full of creatures that fly, crawl, and creepeth the earth.  Its sky is wide and ever changing,  To me, having come from an arid state, it is amazing to watch!  The architecture here can take you from shanty, to trailer, to Antebellum mansion…  at times found on the same block, and all lived in.  Religion is big here as well.   The churches you find are for the most part massive and literally line the roads in bunches.    Incidentally, many of these churches date back to the early 1800’s!

Purpose: My desire on these pages is to share with you, through a picture a day, all the beauty that surrounds me.   The amazing, humorous and perhaps even the mundane.

I hope you enjoy them.


Addendum:  Due to circumstances beyond my control I have not kept up with the picture a day part of my purpose. I bothers me, but I will endeavor to do the best that I can, and hope that what you find here is enjoyable.


2 comments on “About My Camera’s Eye”

  1. Well, I AM enjoying them! Can’t wait to see some architectural photos… mansions and century-old churches! Thank you.

  2. Gotta get a (new to me) car and get back out there. Imagining how I could get there without making any left turns…

    I am, apparently, allergic to left turns :-p

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